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Types of Claims

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PDS assists its clients with a wide variety of insurance claims, including:


PDS is there to represent your interests in the event your property is damaged due to a wind event. The extent of damage in a windstorm is based on several factors, like wind speed, direction, duration, building materials and the amount of flying debris in the area. PDS encourages all property owners and associations to have a comprehensive pre-storm plan of action, which specifically includes full insurance review and property preparation. If you do not have a plan or have questions about your plan, call PDS today to schedule a free consultation.

Water Damage

In today’s insurance property damage environment, PDS is there to answer all of your questions regarding an insurance claim, policy or issues with your insurance company or adjuster. Today’s policies contain many technical issues, concerns and endorsements. Make sure your interests are properly protected and represented. There are subtle yet crucial distinctions in water damage claims, as well as important issues concerning burst pipes, mold, association/unit owner issues and more. Call PDS to schedule a free consultation, claim analysis or policy review now.


Due to the high humidity environment in Florida, mold is always a concern when dealing with water intrusion and moisture related damage to property. According to FEMA, “Mold growths, or colonies, can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours”. If you are experiencing or dealing with any mold related issues, call PDS today to schedule a free consultation. Mold left untreated can create a harmful indoor environment and render a structure uninhabitable. Whether you are a property owner, association, or management company, call PDS today for a free consultation.

Condominium/Homeowner Associations/Property Management

At PDS we understand the issues that arise in dealing with property damage issues in multi-unit properties, between the association, management company and unit owners. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information and too much misinformation, all too often these claims become unnecessarily confusing, contentious, and even hostile. The legislative attempts to bring clarity to these types of claims has only made them more complex and confusing. Let PDS take all of the confusion, anxiety and stress out of process and fully prepare you before a loss happens. Don’t wait, call PDS today to schedule a free consultation and policy review.

Commercial & Industrial

The more complex the structure, the more expertise that is needed to fully and completely document all of the damages. PDS works with industry leaders in all technical fields to make sure your claim is fully presented and estimated. PDS will also handle any loss of use, revenue and business interruption claims. PDS works with top experts in: engineering, architecture, commercial construction and accounting. For assistance handling every aspect of your property damage claim, call PDS today to schedule a free consultation and policy review.

Marine & Aviation

Make sure you are fully and properly protected based upon the specifics of your boat/yacht, vessel and air craft. The more specialized the craft, the more complex the insurance issues become. PDS understands the specialized nature, terms and unique issues that arise in marine and aviation claims. Call PDS today for a free consultation and policy review.

Fire Damage

From smoke damage to complete destruction, PDS documents and fully pursues fire damage claims caused by: electrical malfunctions, negligence, lightning, downed power lines, defective appliances, vandalism and more. Call PDS today for a free consultation.


Make sure your property is fully covered and documented, so in the event of a theft or vandalism you can recover fully from what you lost. PDS assists its clients in properly documenting, recording and appraising your property, valuables and works of art. Basic security measures and alarms may help prevent theft, but theft still happens. Knowing which deterrent devices are most effective and get the biggest premium discounts, saves you money. Call PDS today for a free consultation and policy review.

Business Interruption

Make sure your income generating property and business are fully protected for an event which causes a loss or reduction of revenue and income. A property damage claim can cover the costs of repairs, but this process takes time, and the loss of income suffered by a business during this time can be considerable. In tandem with your insurance claim, we help you through the process of documenting the full amount of business interruption/loss of use. Call PDS today for a free consultation and policy review.

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